DN 20 - Domestic Vents

Our award-winning commercial ventilation solution.

Day & Night Ventilation works by removing hot trapped air in the wall cavity into the roof space, then extracting it with a solar fan @ 9,000 litres per minute.

There is another fan ducted into the house removing hot air from the house at night time.

The wall fans draw in cooler air up the cavity to another fan extracting 9,000 litres per minute and its all run by solar so there is no running costs. It can be run by an on/off switch on a thermostat.

This is the next best thing to an air conditioner!

Benefits of the Day & Night System:

  • 1. Removes hot trapped air – Day and Night
  • 2. Solar powered, no running costs
  • 3. Made and patented in WA
  • 4. Made from galvanised steel then powder coated to match walls / roof colour
  • 5. Brushless European motors designed to run 24hours per day
  • 6. Replaces air which is 45 – 50 degrees in roof space with air 20 degrees cooler at night time
  • 7. Thermostatically controlled once set you have nothing to do
  • 8. Wall fans push the air up the cavity over the insulation to reduce the heat load on insulation
  • 9. Reduces air conditioning costs and in some cases eliminates air conditioning
  • 10. We can also reduce heat from skylights

Additional advantages

Solar or Low-Voltage Operation

Environmentally Friendly

No Daytime Running Costs

Roof Mounted

Easy to Install

Extract Dust, Fumes and Other Pollutants

The System in Action

What our customers say

Coulson Body Repairs - June 2010

We would like to say how pleased we are with the Western Solar SV 90 Solar Powered Roof Ventilators that we had installed into our body repair workshop. The workers find that when the outside air is very hot and you come into the workshop it is comfortable to work in given that the workshop is a big tin shed and not insulated from the convected heat. Also we find that since having the Western Solar Roof ventilators installed, the exhaust gases from any running motor is expelled thus maintaining a safe and pleasant work place for our staff, along with maintaining a lower level of dust within the workshop and so helps to protect our clients' vehicles & the health of our workers. To think that we get all thse advantages at NO ongoing running costs as the power to run these Roof Ventilator Exhaust Fans come from the sun and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other panel shops, or for that matter, to other industrial workshops or warehouses & factories in the Illawarra. General Manager. Coulson Body Repairs Uanderra, Wollongong City, NSW 2526.

Unobtrusive externally.
Highly awarded.
Slimline fit into the roofing.