SV 15 - Medium Houses

A versatile solar ventilation system for a wide range of applications!

SV 15 - Medium Houses

A higher flow-capacity all-in-one home cooling system.

The SV 15 is a higher capacity version of our SV 10 Solar Ventilation System. Similarly integrated and easy to install, it is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Areas with cathedral ceilings or raked ceilings
  • Roof spaces
  • Indoor swimming pool areas
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Workshops
  • Attics

Available in 2 standard powder coated colours, silver for metal roofs and terracotta for tiled roofs, however vents can also be colour matched to your roof if required.


Height 250 MM
Base Width 550 mm
Base Length 780 mm
Color For TIN Roof Powder Coated in Silver
Color For TILE Roof Powder Coated in Terracotta
Flow Capacity 7,000 L/min
Structural Warranty 5 years
Component Warranty 12 months

Additional advantages

Reduces Running Cost of Air-Conditioning

Environmentally Friendly

No Daytime Running Costs

Low Noise

No Maintenance

Bug Proof Barrier

More  Useful  Applications