SV 20 - Large Houses

A versatile solar ventilation system for a wide range of applications!

SV 20 - Large Houses

Western Solar's latest super efficient solar ventilator extracts 10 000 litres of hot air per minute.

All roof cavities can be ventilated to reduce the temperature of the blanket of hot air within the roof space. During the cooler weather our Solar-powered exhaust fan automatically switches off which allows the warm air to remain in the roof cavity thus sustaining that “warm blanket” effect when it most needed. Other ventilators generally continue to extract the warm air on cooler days which will obviously cause the opposite effect of what is required.

Areas with raked ceilings or cathedral ceilings can also be ventilated by incorporating an open/close ceiling vent which provides an opening for the heat to be sucked out of the area below.

Residual fumes or odours, such as those from gas heaters or fresh paint, can be expelled thus improving the quality of the air. This would be most beneficial for anyone having a breathing-related problem like asthma.

The efficiency of air conditioners is improved by removing heat from around the ducting and thus running costs are decreased. Fresh air can also be circulated through dwellings when it is closed by combining a solar ventilator on the roof and an internal open/close vent in the ceiling. As this reduces the necessity to open doors and windows both security and safety can be improved.

The SV 20 will remove as much hot air as 7 wind-driven vents that rotate only when the wind is blowing. Wind-driven vents will not operate when the air is still. Wind-driven continue to extract warm air on cold days when it is beneficial to have that warm layer remaining above the ceiling. Wind-driven vents generally rotate on metal bearings which tend to be much noisier than our Solar Vents which run on ball bearings.

They are simple to install and instructions can be provided.

These are some typical installations available:

  • Commercial premises
  • Large enclosed areas
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Large houses
  • Workshops
  • Factories

Available in 2 standard powder coated colours, silver for metal roofs and terracotta for tiled roofs, however vents can also be colour matched to your roof if required.


Height 250 mm
Base Width 550 mm
Base Length 550 mm
Color For TIN Roof Powder Coated in Silver
Color For TILE Roof Powder Coated in Terracotta
Flow Capacity 10000 L/min
Structural Warranty 5 years
Component Warranty 12 months

Additional advantages

Reduces Running Cost of Air-Conditioning

Environmentally Friendly

No Daytime Running Costs

Low Noise

No Maintenance

Bug Proof Barrier

More  Useful  Applications