SV 8 - Caravent

A versatile solar ventilation system for a wide range of applications!

The SV 8 extracts 1,000 litres of air from an enclosed area every minute. The unit can be easily ducted to remove hot air or fumes from any location.

Being a small, sturdy solar ventilator makes it perfectly designed for a multitude of applications. It is commonly installed in caravans, boats, patios, coaches, shipping containers, sheds, workshops and animal enclosures to name a few!

During the hotter months simply switch on the button to activate the removal of this built-up unwanted air.

Being such a versatile ventilator it can be used in many of those difficult-to-get-at places which could benefit from having cooler air circulating throughout.


Height 50 mm
Depth 20 mm
Base Width 350 mm
Base Length 520 mm
Operating Life Expectancy 60,000 Hours
Structural Warranty 5 years
Flow Capacity 1000 Litres/min
Peak Power 10W at STC
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Component Warranty 12 months
Color For TIN Roof Powder Coated in Silver
Color For TILE Roof Powder Coated in Terracotta

Additional advantages

Reduces Running Cost of Air-Conditioning

Environmentally Friendly

No Daytime Running Costs

Low Noise

No Maintenance

Bug Proof Barrier

More  Useful  Applications